Swinging at Club Paradise

Club Paradise Bar

Swinging a term you don’t often hear in public and a hard subject to bring up to friends for fear of being judged as swinging is still not socially acceptable and there is a stigma attached to it but at places like Club paradise in Amsterdam you can be free around other like minded people.

Club Paradise offers a wide range of events ranging from your normal club nights to couples only nights. They have a large bar area where you can drink, dance and chat. They also have a swimming pool, Sauna and steam room but no funny business in these area’s. If you want to get intimate they have a range of private rooms including a caged sex swing room (sounds fun).

Their entry prices are

Thursday, Friday & Saturdays (Saturday prices can varies depending on event)

Couples €50,- *First served drinks are for free until the amount of €50,-

Single ladies €10,- *First served drinks are for free until the amount of €10,-
Single men €80,- *2 glasses of soft drinks or beers included,-
They have house rules which are pretty standard among these clubs. Dress appropriately for the evening i:e make sure you have on your sexy underwear. No excessive drinking getting drunk, no drugs, no phones, no sex at the bar, swimming pool, sauna or steam room, use a condom they are freely available in the private areas. Most importantly respect no means no.
If it’s yours first visit they will offer you a guided tour of the facilities. They have changing rooms where you can dress up and shower rooms with fresh clean towels and lockers for your personal items.

Anyone wishing to attend does not need to take part. They can simply have a drink and dance. There is plenty of seating for you to sit and talk casually with people like at any club.Sex is not allowed in the bar area. Sex takes place in the private areas so if you wish to have a drink and chat in the bar area you can. If you find a person or couple you can head to the more intimate area’s.

Club Paradise is located in Amsterdam-Noord an 11 minute drive from central station. They accept Maestro card and cash, No credit cards . Their address is Schaafstraat 26A
1021 KE Amsterdam. Click here to visit their website.

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